Chelsi Kristine Jarrell


Hi there!

I’m Chelsi. I grew up loving photography. When my sister was little she always used to say I was going to be a “photonapher” – I never actually thought that I would be. My parents bought me my first camera when I was 18 and I’ve been taking pictures ever since.

I currently work full time in HOA property management and on the weekends and evenings I get to focus on my passion, photography.

I’m based outside of Charlotte, NC. I am an on-location photographer and love unique locations. I am available to travel. I do not shoot in a studio because I feel it is very confining and I love nature to show itself in my work. I love natural light, color and texture in my photos.

Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with my work, I hope you will take some time to see what I am all about!