Charlotte, NC Family Photographer | Koduru

I had a blast with this little family at Freedom Park and it was a beautiful day for photos! I think the thing I hear the most during photoshoots is “I’m sorry!” because children don’t sit still and pose for photos. Every parent thinks it is just their kid, but I promise that it is literally every single kid who acts out during photoshoots. It’s just what they do! They are at an exciting place and want to do anything else. That’s where I come in. I do not have a maternal bone in my body… I just don’t. BUT when it comes to photoshoots, something happens. The parents are apologizing for their kids behavior and I try to explain that it’s fine because on camera, you really cannot tell! All you need is that one second where they are looking or smiling for it to look like they were a little angel the whole time.

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